A Lazee Daze in the Ozarks is 420 Friendly for those with Medical Cannabis Cards. 
If you arrived here looking for a bud and breakfast, AirBnB, hotel, motel, or cabin that is 420 friendly,   Welcome, you found us. 

Since 2006 Eureka Springs was the first city in Arkansas to pass city legislation for the 'deprioritization' of Marijuana legal enforcement.   


Medical Marijuana is Legal in Arkansas

The first legal dispensary opened in May of 2019 in Arkansas. It is finally legal to discuss this.  Here at A Lazee Daze in the Eureka Springs Arkansas Ozark Mountains, we as owners value your privacy.  What you responsibly smoke on our porches is your own business.  Just know that if you have any issues or needs with the cabin, we're here for you.  Just give us a call. 

Rule #1

Absolutely NO SMOKING of ANYTHING inside the cabins.  Smoking is only allowed outside.  We recommend sitting on the lovely porch swings.  

Rule #2

We cannot help you buy Medical Marijuana (or any Marijuana for that matter).  However, there are alternatives in Eureka Springs.  Check out some of the local CBD shops and they can provide you alternatives to Medical Marijuana.  We do however offer (when available) a hemp derived Edibles package (see below). 

Rule #3

Try to RELAX.  We try to stay our of your business, but remember, if you need us, we're here.  If anything is not 5 stars just let us know.  


Ouachita Farms Edibles Package

We have partnered with Ouachita Farms, a local Arkansas Hemp Grower to offer a hand curated edible (typically gummy) selection.  We provide edibles that range from 'shopping downtown' to 'Check out, inside the cabin'.  Or as some guests call it, a 'Lazee Daze'. We will not provide the package to anyone under 21 years old. We do not recommend these products for interstate travel (check your local laws) and we do not recommend the products for people that need to pass regular drug tests, as most of the tests cannot differentiate between different cannabinoids. You MUST provide a copy of your drivers license before we can fulfill the order and we only fulfill during typical business office hours (sorry night owls).  CLICK HERE for Disclaimers