What to do while staying at A Lazee Daze in the Ozarks

There's always something to do in or around Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas


Escape Room 13

Check out the Latest Craze sweeping the nation, but with a unique Eureka Springs only twist. Secret messages, hidden passages, and all fun.

Great Food and Dining

Check out Zomato for great Restaurant Reviews

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

We have Lions, Tigers, and Bears (oh my!) as neighbors. On the still and quiet nights, you can sometimes hear the Lions roar.



Visit their web cam section, it's fun!


Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce

Your one stop shop for brochures in Eureka Springs



Check out their Calendar of Events


Learn about Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs has great history.



The official page for the City of Eureka Springs.


The Great Passion Play

Many people are drawn to Eureka Springs for spiritual reasons. The Great Passion Play is a must see.


Ozark Mountain Ziplines

What a great experience! I hope you're not scared of heights.


ES & NA Railroad

If you are interested in trains, and the expansion of early high speed transportation in the United States, this is a must see.



The official website for Arkansas.


Eureka Springs Farmers Market

Every Tuesday and Thursday visit the Farmer's Market in the Chamber of Commerce parking lot for the freshest food around. $10 to a chain store might not make a difference, but to a small family farm, $10 might make all the difference.